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Are you ready to Quantum Leap Your Life?

To begin with, if you are seeing this page right now, I want to say " Congratulations!"  

 If you are reading this page right now, I know that you know the biggest and best way to make a difference in this world, in this time and age, is to be the best version of yourself. I want to Honor YOU for showing up, and having the courage to embrace your greatness.

I know your SOUL is ready to Level Up and make Quantum Leaps in your own life and that you are looking for Solutions. I know that you want to become the best version of you, in all areas of your life: Mind, Body, Spirit, and Abundance, just to a name a few. 

I know it has not always been easy, some lessons in life are easy to learn, and well some lessons in life, we are still learning how to navigate our way through them, while still being our authenticate selves. And no matter what we try, we may seem to be repeating the same patterns over and over or we may feel alone while having our spiritual experience. It is okay, you are human after all.

Take a deep breathe with me..... Let's say that again
" You are Human and you are not Alone! "

The Quantum Leap Your Life Summit was designed to help you find clarity and to gain Momentum in Life. 

In this 4 day Online Summit, you will learn tips and tricks from the experts to help support you in taking Quantum Leaps. You will learn what works, and even what doesn't work, so that you can navigate through the fog.

You will learn ways to trust and find the answers within you,while gaining confidence in trusting your intuition and making a decision. Our life is made up of choices based upon our beliefs. When we find ourselves stuck, it is simply because we may not know the answers, and we are afraid to take a risk, or afraid of repeat patterns.

In the Quantum Leap Your Life Summit, some of the World's Leading Experts will help you tune in, find clarity, and a path for you to line up and to take that Quantum Leap. And I will let you in on a little secret, It will be fun !

The beautiful thing is you will be surrounded with other like minded souls are committed to taking Quantum leaps and allowing their authentic self to breathe.

For 4 consecutive days you will learn how to Quantum Leap Your Life 
in Mind, Body, Spirit and Abundance within a like minded community.

You will Learn Tips and Tricks to Implement into your own life, 
and actually see results!

And the best part is it is FREE!

So are you Ready to Quantum Leap Your life?
If you are ready to create and live the life you have only dreamed of, and are ready to see what is all possible, then Reserve your spot for this years Quantum Leap Your Life with Waves of Light Online Summit.
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November 21, 2019.

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How to Quantum Leap Your Life into a Positive Mindset
Thursday, November 21, 2019

Waves of Light 
Summit Kickoff

LIVE 9:00 AM EST in 
The Wave Room

We Welcome you to Quantum Leap your Life with Waves of Light!
 This is the first day of this Amazing Summit that will shift your Mind, Body, Spirit and Abundance as you know it! Welcome as we start with our Quantum Mindset Shift together!

Lynn Hope Thomas

Mindset Mastery is not as hard as you think.

Lynn Hope Thomas guides us through intuitive ways to shift fear, anger, and negativity into trans-formational energy. 

Learn to look at the picture in other formats and be enlightened with Life. Learn Success to Wealth and life.

Michelle Baca

Your energy introduces you before you even say a word!

Michelle Baca shares her personal journey and how you can have a powerful personal presence, you will stand out, light up and have the power to make others feel heard, valued and feel good!

Cris Somers

LIVE 1:00-2:30 PM EST in 
The Wave Room

Dive to the depths of your subconscious beliefs through LIVE seashell readings. Through the shells you select you will discover the map to what you are creating your reality from. And how to transform your limiting beliefs into beliefs that support you in living the life that you desire.

Tim Ray

Find Your Formula to Co-Create with the Power of Intention

Tim Ray brings new Rays of Intention and Manifestation into Reality! Learn ways to Co-Create your Manifestations free of blockages and resistance. Never underestimate the Power of Intention.

Trish Taylor

From Complex PTSD to Self Love and Confidence

Trish Taylor shares how to turn Fear into your compass instead of allowing it to control and freeze your life energy. 

Learn how to set goals with compassion and forgiveness for yourself. As you work through with compassion you can see that your "Mistakes" in life are "Blessings". 

Laurie Rebarchick

LIVE 5:00-6:00 PM EST in 
The Wave Room

Revolutionize and Manage Your Health with Essential Oils. 

Learn the magic of essential oils and how they can help you shift limiting beliefs one drop at a time, into more positive and supportive ones, living a balanced life.

Michael Joseph Black

Motivation, Mindset and Abundance

Where does your mind go when you start to try to be successful? Join Michael Black as he leads us through ways to connect, calm and focus our minds as we journey on our path with joy and abundance.

Dr. Louis Gates

LIVE 7:00-8:30 PM EST in 
The Wave Room

Connect your Mind with Your Higher Self

Join Dr. Gates as he walks us through Healing and Quantum Awakening within. Learn ho to raise your vibration and connect to your authentic, whole self.

How to Quantum Leap Your Life into Vibrant Health
Friday, November 22, 2019

Waves of Light Intention

LIVE 9:00 AM EST in
The Wave Room

WHERE is your Body and WHAT does it DESERVE? 
Today we share on how you can start to connect Your Higher Self with Your Body and Its Divine Power! Listen to, Feel and Empower the TRUTH WITHIN!

Laurie Rebarchick

Wellness Warrior, Intuition, Body and Essential Oils 

Learn how you can implement essential oils into your life as you listen to your intuition and body? Join Laurie as she shares tips and ways to implement the use of Essential Oils in your daily life and how it may assist your body and emotions to a healthier life.

Gina Martin

Connect with Body Talk

What? Yes, you heard your body right! It is teaching you what you need to know. Still not sure? Join Gina Martin as she guides us through Divine Connections with our Body. Learn how to listen and take action to transform your self in and out as you heal in multiple ways.

Jeremy McDonald

Take Control of Your Body, Story and Life!

Don't stay trapped in the same cycles! What Story do you want to live? 

Jeremy E. McDonald the Story Telling Alchemist will share with you how to transform your story in new ways as you transform your life and energy! 

Dr. Louis Gates

Empower your Healing Energetic Space

Healing with with Crystals, Energy, Your Soul and Consciousness. Dr. Louis Gates Leads us through different Healing Modalities and Testimonials as to our inner healing and success. Empower your Spiritual Self as you affect the complete group consciousness in the positive direction. Learn how to heal, clear out your Spiritual House and Protect as you harness your own energy.

Jessica Sanchez-Romo MD 

Listen to your DNA and Divine Voice

Jessica Sanchez-Romo, MD discusses her journey from MD Medical Doctor to MD Multi Dimensional Healer as she tuned into her DNA and Divine Voice that was always awake. Live with Your Quantum DNA!

Inside the Quantum Room

Trish and Guillaume

LIVE 1:00-2:30 PM EST
in the Quantum Room

Allow your Body to work through Complex PTSD, Trauma and Relationships as Trish and Guillaume guide you to healing and connecting with self and others.

Gina Martin

LIVE  5:00-6:00 PM EST
in the Quantum Room

Body Talk and Body Walk! Gina Martin connects the conversation with intuitive action! Learn tips and tricks to deal and manage stress, and receive a LIVE Bodytalk session restoring your body back to it's natural rhythm.

Joseph Lobrutto 

LIVE 7:00-8:30 PM EST
in the Quantum Room

Speak to Heaven with Joseph LoBrutto! He is hear to Connect, Share and Channel Divine Energy as we Quantum Leap! Join Joseph in the Quantum for LIVE READINGS and LIVE HEALING.

How to Quantum Leap Your Life into trusting your Intuition
Saturday, November 23, 2019

Waves of Light Intention

The Spiritual Flame is IGNITED, now Let it SHINE BRIGHT! So many times we allow our conscious self to be in control. 
Today we shift to get out of our own way and ALLOW our Spirit to take us to Quantum Levels and Multi Dimensions!

Jason Layton

Hypnotism. Reprogramming and Spirit

Are you ready to reprogram your 5% and connect to the greater 95% of Subconsciousness and your Higher self?

 Join Jason Layton as he discusses how we can do this and how we can use Hypnotherapy as a safe tool to new programming in our Body and Spirit.

Hillory Skott

Let Astrology Be Your Map!

Need directions sometimes in life? Tune in with Hillory Skott as she shares how Astrology can be a guide to your life journey.

 No need to have any fear as it is a tool that is ever changing as you co create your journey with the heavenly universe that surrounds us. Learn more about yourself as she helps Map Out our Divine connections that help us balance and handle life with success.

Daniella Decastro

Hardships to Angelic Blessings

Learn to connect with your Divine self even through Trauma and Love. Daniela DeCastro shares how All that is Divine around you and within you is there to guide and empower yourself! Tune in for a healing moment that is deep and will Quantum Leap your gifts to a new level. 

Loree Appleby

Evolution and the Journey of Your Soul

Join Lorree Appleby as she shares the wisdom to allow your soul to evolve. Step out of the shadows and into your Soul Oneness! Lorree shares with you ways how to embrace your Divine Self.

Joseph Lobrutto 

 Messages from Heaven

As you awaken, have you embraced your gifts? Joseph LoBrutto III shares his journey of being a Channel, Medium and Healer as he shares gifts how we can all receive messages from Heaven. Learn ways to connect yourself to the Divine Intuition that is within you. 

Inside the Quantum Room

Monica Benware

Live 1:00-2:30 PM EST
in the Quantum Room

Are you ready to Increase your Psychic Awareness and Abilities? Let Monica Benware be your guide as she shares Flame Scrying and other techniques to Stand in your "I AM"!

Lauren Lauriano ND

Live 5:00-6:00 PM EST
in the Quantum Room

Alignment and Living your Holistic Life
Have you felt the unbalance with all of the current shifts in life? Dr. Lauren Laurino shares ways to bring your Body, Mind and Spirit into balance with a Holistic Lifestyle.

Jessica Sanchez Romo MD

Live 7:00-8:30 PM EST
in the Quantum Room

Emerge yourself into Multi Dimensional healing with Dr. Jessica Sanchez-Romo! As an International Medical Intuitive, Healer and Medium Dr. Jessica will guide you to "Be One" with Your Energy Field, Higher Self and DNA!

How to Quantum Leap Your Life into more Abundance
Sunday, November 24, 2019

Waves of Light Intention

Live 9:00 AM EST
in the Wave Room

Activate, Activate, ACTIVATE! Body, Mind and Spirit within is on board and ready to Quantum Leap yourself to new levels! Get ready to not just set intentions and Activate Abundance Today, but to actually learn to receive all of the abundance that surrounds you.

Monica Benware

Past Lives, Near Deaths and God's "I AM" Connection to an Abundant Life

Some of our greatest Transformations and Inspirations come from Tragedy. Monica shares how we can move past the why's and learn our Inspirational Purpose.

 Monica helps us all wake up as we learn to believe in our intuitive self and connection with Spirit. Learn to TRUST your Higher Self and co-create connecting and living the Abundant life. 

Rosemary Bova

Mindset Mastery

Which way do I go and how do I get there? Mindset is a tricky thing when we are not grounded. It can affect our jobs, relationships and life.

 Rosemary guides us through ways to master our mindset in the workplace and life. Learn to find who you need to communicate with and how to enlighten your work life as you listen to the answers for your career and life choices.

Lauren Lauriano ND

Vibrant and Abundant Health, Is Yours!

You just did't hear her on Dr. OZ, Dr. "Ren" Lauren Laurino is here to share experiences of how a healthy and balanced life brings Holistic and Vibrant Abundance. Learn tools from "America's Holistic Sweetheart" herself!

Cris Somers

Activate Your Inner Money Magnet

Cris Somers reveals the real tips and tricks that bring in Abundance and line you up with the vibration to receive and be the Money Magnet that you are!

 Cris shares with you the Mindset Monsters that are holding you back, and how to turn those Monsters into your BFF's.

Guilluame McMartin 

Quantum Flow, Purpose, and Abundance

Guillaume McMartin shares a Divine Mastermind Connection to help transform yourself to serve with purpose. Learn how to turn your vision into action that still serves others and self. 

Inside the Quantum Room

Hillory Skott

Live 1:00-2:30 PM EST
in the Quantum Room

Discover your Life Map to Abundance. Join Hillory Skott in the Quantum room, where she will guide you through using Astrology to set yourself up for success and abundance. 

Jeremy McDonald

Live 6:00-7:00 PM EST
in the Quantum Room

You're Healing, Activated and you have your Life Map! Now get ready to Quantum Leap and RAISE YOUR VIBRATIONS with Jeremy E. McDonald! Learn how to change your story, and how to achieve inner alchemy. Discover the gold that is within every story and within.

Michael Joseph Black

Live 7:00-7:30 PM EST
in the Quantum Room

Join Michael in the Quantum room, for a LIVE Abundance Activation, that removes money blocks and activates your inner money magnet, allowing you to attract, connect and receive limitless supplies of Abundance in your life.

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